Brazos District Calendar

The council calendar and council toolkit provide additional information on upcoming council events.

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November 2021

20 Popcorn distribution

December 2021

2 District committee meeting
2 District commissioners meeting
2 Recharter turn-in #1 (at district meetings)
2 Friends of Scouting dates due from units
9 Roundtable
9 Recharter turn-in #2 (at roundtable)
10-12 Order of the Arrow (OA) Service DayOrdeal Induction WeekendWinter camp setup  |  Camp Strake
16 Order of the Arrow chapter meeting
26-31 National Youth Leader Training (NYLT)
26-31 Scouts BSA Winter Camp (SHAC)

January 2022

6 District committee meeting / calendar planning meeting
6 District commissioners meeting
8 Council Recognition Event
8 Key Leader’s Conference (for district committee members) (SHAC)
13 Roundtable
13 District nomination awards due
  Spring of Service begins
15 Order the Arrow (OA) Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) Training and Lodge Banquet  chapter meeting
15 District First Aid Meet
18 Adams Eagle Scout Project of the Year nominations due
29 District Dinner

February 2022

  Spring of Service
3 Spring Recruiting Training
3 District committee meeting / finalize district calendar
3 District committee meeting
6/12 Scout Sabbath/Sunday    
8 BSA’s birthday (1910)
10 Roundtable
11-13 Order of the Arrow (OA) Service Day and Ordeal Induction Weekend  | Bovay Scout Ranch
17 Order of the Arrow chapter meeting
18-20 Venturing Challenge (SHAC)
25 Baden Powell Fellowship Dinner (SHAC)

March 2022

  Spring of Service
3 District committee meeting
3 District committee meeting
10 Roundtable
11-13 Wood Badge training 22-1A
17 Order of the Arrow chapter meeting
19 University of Scouting training (SHAC)
26-27 Wood Badge training 22-1B

April 2022

  Spring of Service
7 District committee meeting
7 District committee meeting
11 SHAC’s birthday!
14 Roundtable
21 Council Coordinated (for district committee members) (SHAC)
22-24 Order of the Arrow: Spring Fellowship / chapter meeting 
29-1 Full Throttle (for troops, crews, ships)

May 2022

5 District committee meeting
5 District committee meeting
6-8 Full Throttle Weekends (for troops, crews, ships)
12 Roundtable / Program Preview
13-15 Order of the Arrow (OA) Service Day and Ordeal Induction Weekend
21 Order of the Arrow chapter meeting

June 2022

2 District committee meeting
2 District committee meeting
9 Roundtable
7-10 Cub Scout twilight camp
16 Order of the Arrow chapter meeting
  Scouts BSA summer camp
  National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)

July 2022

  Scouts BSA summer camp
  Cub Scout summer resident camp

National / International Events

July 25-30, 2022 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC), University of Tenessee
July 2023 National Scout Jamboree 2023  |  Summit Bechtel Reserve, West Virginia
2023 World Scout Jamboree  |  South Korea


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